8 Things that Make Bohag Bihu so Special


Bohag Bihu is the heart of Assamese culture. It is the biggest non-religious festival of Assam and People celebrate it with great enthusiasm and fanfare. This festival is also called Rongali Bihu where the ‘Rong’ word marks as Joy and happiness in Assamese. Bohag Bihu is knocking at the door, being an Assamese we can not control ourselves from celebrating the Bihu.

Let’s have a look what things that make this Bihu so unique.


Gamusa is a symbol of Assamese culture. All irrespective of religious and ethnic background uses it equally. It is a common thing that Assamese Weaver of each and every household started weaving Gamusa on handlooms since around one month ago of Bohag Bihu. Weaving Gamusa mostly happens in rural areas.Gamusa is an integral part of Bohag Bihu. It is offered as ‘Bihuwan’ to near and dears one and also used to welcoming guests. Moreover, male dancer ties them around the head and also on his body.


Rhythm of Drums (Dhol)

‘Taal pichi miti dau, khiti dau khiti dau’ Ahh this heart melting rhythm make every Assamese people crazy. This is the biggest sign of arriving Bihu. Without ‘Dhol’ we Assamese people can not imagine celebrating the Rongali Bihu. No one can stop themselves from dancing after hearing the sound of Dhol, not even aged. Boys, girls, aged men, and women come out with Assamese traditional dresses for Husori, Jeng Bihu, and dance.

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Buying New Clothes

During my childhood, shopping new cloth was the most exciting thing of Bihu. Buying new clothes were the most discussed topic among our friend circle. Not only children, who do not like shopping?


Song of Cuckoo

Cuckoo notifies that spring has arrived. Sweet song of this bird spreads the breeze of Bohag Bihu to everyone. Copying voice of cuckoo is one of favorite game for each and every child; even I had that habit during childhood. I tried to copy the sound while Cuckoo singing the melodious song.


Foxtail Orchid (Kopou Phool)

Likewise voice of Cuckoo, Foxtail orchid signifies Bohag Bihu. This beautiful flower is an integral part of Bihu season.


Delicious Food

How can I forget to mention about mouthwatering dishes (Jolpan) of Bohag Bihu? The ‘Laru’ and ‘Pithas’ are the traditional food of Assamese society and they are prepared with rice flour, Jaggery, and Coconut. Among these ‘Laru Pithas’, ‘Til Pitha’ gives the real essence of the Bihu. Literally ‘Tilpitha’ is called the president of ‘Pitha’ and ‘Laru’. Without ‘Tipitha’ our mother dear never can imagine preparing Bihu’s foods. It is made of rice flour with Jaggery and Sesame. Nowadays this ‘Jolpan’ can be purchased in the market that is available at many online as well as offline store. One of the most popular online store ‘Bhogali Jolpan‘ where you can get all mouth watering Assamese traditional Bihu special foods.


Mehendi or ‘Jetuka.’

Applying Jetuka or Mehendi is an important part of Bihu. People decorate their hands and feet with Jetuka during Bihu. It is not used for only decoration; it also has the scientific reason behind applying Jetuka during Bihu.


Wedding Season

‘Bohagote pati jau Biya’ uff along with Bihu, this month is also considered as auspicious for the wedding ceremony. Most of the people decide to start a new journey of their life in this month.


These are the reasons behind making Bohag Bihu more special than other festivals.

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