All You Need to Know About Mahabhairav Temple of Assam


There are fewer people of Assam who unaware of Mahabhairav temple. The temple is considered as one of the ancient historic Shiva temples of Assam. Mahabhairav temple is located at a hillock on the northern part of Tezpur city of Assam. Mahabhairav temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Assam. So many tourists come to the place from every corner of Assam yearly.

We can find some interesting mythological stories behind the temple.

Myth Of Mahabhairav Mandir

From mythological stories, we can find that king Banasura built Mahabhairav temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as King Bana was a follower of Lord Shiva. He built the temple during Narakasura’s rule at Pragjyotishpur. People believe that king Bana even established his capital near the temple. Moreover, the Shiva lingam of Mahabhairav temple is considered one of the largest lingams in the world. Even more, there is a belief that the lingam is made by the living stone which grows slowly.

King Banasura built so many small temples in some villages of Tezpur. All temples were made of stone and rock. Archeology department found some ruins of those temples in 1906.

History Of Mahabhairav Mandir

According to the archeological report, Mahabhairav temple was built during the 8th to 10th century A.D. by the kings of the Salasthamba dynasty. It was originally built by stone and later renovated by concrete. During Ahom rule, the Ahim kings and rulers took care of the temple. Even Tungkhungiya dynasty donated a large area of the land to the temple and appointed some pujaris and paiks to look after the temple. They handed over the responsibilities to a Borthakur’s family.

Mahabhairav temple was damaged by an earthquake in 1897 and later reconstructed it. Now Deputy commissioner of Tezpur manages the temple and takes care of it.

Festival Of Mahabhairav Temple

Though pujari offers puja and devotees also come every day, the main festival is Mahashiva Ratri. The committee arranges the Shiva Ratri with great fanfare and decorates the temple. People come from all over Assam to offer puja on this special occasion. Moreover, devotees offer prayer to idols of Ganesh and Hanuman as “Dwarpaals” in the entrance of the temple also. These “Dwarpaals” were established by one of the devotees with cement concrete.

Hotels Near Mahabhairav Temple

Apart from Mahabhairav temple, there are so many places to visit in Tezpur. At least you have to stay one night to roam the city. You can find some good hotels in Tezpur at a reasonable cost.

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