Popularity of Indian Ethnic Wear


India is a land of many religions, and it is incredibly rich in culture and heritage. Every religion has their culture and lifestyle. Therefore the attires, style of dressing, jewelry vary widely with community, religions, and regions all across the country. Though different tribes have various ethnic wear still Saree, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga is considered as the leading Indian attire for women and Kurta pajama, dhoti is for men. Indian attire is unique, colorful and attractive which can be used daily wear as well as on festivals, special occasions, etc.

It is seen that popularity of Indian ethnic wear went down in the middle of the decade and people started wearing western dresses. They found it comfortable to wear, look stylish and classy, and the important thing is that easy to maintain. But style does not remain the same always. Even though today’s generations flow with Western culture, still they try to hold on our culture. India is a festive country, and they find the best way to explore India attire during festive seasons. In the special occasion, they always want a ‘Desi looks’ which is more attractive than others.

Moreover, we are fans of Bollywood actors/actresses and we Indians love to follow them. Bollywood movies influence the peoples to grab our tradition. It has been seen that our favorite stars started wearing Indian attire with traditional jewelry in their every movie which gives a classy look. Wearing ethnic dresses with all imitation becomes a trend in fashion zone.

Furthermore, the ethnic fashion show plays a pivotal role to bring out the Indian tradition to the focal point. The new ‘in thing’ in fashion area is to wear Indian attire. Many new ethnic brands enter into Indian markets with beautiful, stylish and classy attire who able to catch youngster’s attention quickly.

Besides these, if you take a glance on the international fashion market, you will notice that many international celebrities valued Indian ethnic dresses and started wearing. A recent news who able to make all Indian proud is that the new prime minister of Britain Theresa May chose to wear a Saree on her first day in office. It is a proud moment for Indian.

Though many people prefer to wear western dresses by their comfortable, the demand for ethnic wear can not be denied. Wearing traditional attire is an identification of our culture. The popularity of ethnic costume has grown up day by day, all Indians would like to wear beautiful trendy ethnic dresses and want to give a ‘Desi look’ themselves.

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