Mekhela Chador-Assamese Ethnic Wear


Mekhela-chador, though it looks like a Saree, it never can be a Saree. It is two pieces of cloth, which covered the body. This is traditional wear of Assamese women. The bottom portion of this dress is called ‘Mekhela, ’ and the top portion is called Chador. You need to wear a blouse with this set of mekhela chador. If you wear it once, you never can deny to wearing for next time. You will be able to get loads of compliments, whenever you wear this ethnic wear with Assamese traditional jewellery.

Even Gandhiji, father of the nation appreciated the Art and culture of weaving of the Assamese women, and he said ‘Assamese women are born weavers, they can weave fairy tales in their cloth.’ What else can be greater than this compliment?

Material of this Attire

Whenever it comes to mekhela chador, one question comes to everyone’s mind ‘what is the material?’ There are varieties of the material in Mekhela Chador. You can get it mainly from Cotton, Muga, Pat Silk, Golden silk material that is found exclusively in Assam only. Some sets of mekhela chador are lower than others which are being made of synthetic material. Weavers of Assam who are mainly responsible folks in the production of this beautiful ethnic wear. The majority of Mekhela chador produced at Suwalkuchi, a small town of Assam and they distribute to every part of the region. They produce the traditional attire mainly in handloom.

If someone falls in love with this outfit once, no one can deny wearing it for the next time. This traditional dress can win many people’s, heart. Even nowadays this stunning outfit grabs their position in national, international fashion shows. Many celebrities walk the ramp wearing mekhela sador. At the moment you can say that this gorgeous dress can shine our region’s name across the world. This dress is easy to handle and small maintenance dress, and you can use it for daily wear or occasional wear.

Where to Get Mekhela Chador

Mekhela Chador is available in all clothing retail stores in Assam. There are lots of well-known retail stores where you can buy varieties style of Mekhela Chador as per your need. One of the well known Mekhela Chador retail stores is Silkalay.

Nowadays mekhela chador can be purchased through online. You can buy it in the different part of the country without going Assam. Popular e-commerce site such as Amazon, Limeroad, Craftsvilla started selling Mekhela Chador and they deliver the order across India. Many designers are out there who design mekhela chador beautifully. They started their business themselves, and people can contact them through Internet. If you contact them once, they will supply your selected one to your address.

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