Tamul-Pan, The Pride of Assam!


‘Tamul-Pan’ (Areca Nut/ Betel Leaf) is the pride of Assam. Whether it is for welcoming guests or to show respect to someone, ‘Tamul Pan’ has been used in Assam since ancient time. Simply it is considered as one of the most auspicious things in Assamese tradition. Although, Tamul pan or Goa Pan is an ancient tradition still being followed. Truly Xorai, Gamusa, and Tamul Paan are an integral part of Assamese tradition. Even more, you cannot offer Tamul Paan without X0rai or ‘Bota’.

Paan word derives from Sanskrit word ‘Parna’ that means leaf. It is consumed with Tamul (Areca nut).

Tamul Pan is not only in Assam, but also quite popular in the entire north-east. It is eaten with Paan or betel leaves as well as tobacco. It is known with different names in the seven sisters. In Meghalaya, it is called kwai, gue for Garos Manipur, and Mizoram call it Kua and Kuhva respectively. And in Nagaland, it is called Tamul Pan.

The outsider may be wondering to see the red-mouthed people in Assam. To be honest we people start the day with a piece of Tamul Pan. Moreover, you can see Tamul Pan’s tree in every Assamese household. Literally, Tamul is a taste of Assam. There are some interesting facts about Tamul Pan (Areca Nut/ Betel Leaf) in Assam what you may not know well.

Facts About Tamul Paan

Assamese Culture

As I said before Tamul Pan is a part of Assamese culture. No auspicious function can be happened without offering Pan Tamul. It is considered as a  mark of respect. People offer a pair of Tamul Pan for inviting to social or religious functions, festivals, etc. It is offered with a Xorai to show respect to the elders. Simply, Tamul Paan is an integral part of Assamese culture.


What can be more refreshment than a piece of Tamul Paan after a meal for Assamese people?  No matter the meal is big or small, but Tamul Paan has to be consumed.

Commercial Benefits

Areca nut business is one of the major business in Assam, especially in rural areas. It can be sold as supari from matured nuts or raw nuts are also on demand. There is a huge market for nuts in Assam.

Health Benefits

Before sharing the health benefits of areca nut and betel leaves I would like to share a funny personal experience regarding Tamul Paan My mom was suffering from toothache badly some years back. No medicines were able to cure the pain. One of the friends of my mom suggested that chewing Tamul pan with Sadha and soon (Tobacco and Slacked lime) can heal the pain. Later my mom started the habit and got rid of the horrible pain. Interestingly there are some health benefits of areca nut-

  1. Chewing betel nut is used to stimulate appetite and increase saliva flow for digestion.
  2. Betel nut is used as a stimulant for increasing alertness and stamina and giving the user a sense of well-being and euphoria. It has also been used as a stimulant for libido and to alleviate symptoms of excessive heat.
  3. Betel nut is known for treating eye disorders like glaucoma
  4. these nuts are particularly useful for dry mouth sufferers, whether from disease or medication. Betel nuts have antibacterial qualities, which have led the extracts to be used as an ingredient in oral healthcare products. It is thought to help keep gums and teeth strong, and prevent cavities.
  5. Betel nuts are also used to treat depression by decreasing cortisol levels, which is known for increasing stress.

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