The Smallest River Island ‘Umananda’


Could you believe that the largest and smallest both river island is in Assam? Yes, Umananda is the smallest river island in the world. The island is in the midst of the Brahmaputra which flowing through the middle of the city of Guwahati in Assam. The island is also known as Peacock Island as the shape of the island looks like a peacock. Umananda is situated in 5km away from Kamakhya temple.

Mythology & History of Umananda Island

We can find some mythological stories of Umananda Island in some religious books. According to ‘Kalika Puran’ and ‘Yogini Tantra’ Mahadev Shiva burnt Kamadeva into ashed by Shiva’s third eye in this hill. So this hill is also known as ‘Bhashmachal’, ‘Bhashmakuta’, and ‘Bhashmashaila’.  Moreover, people believe that Lord Shiva used to live in this place with his wife Uma. For which the place is recognized as Umananda.

In 1694, Ahim king Gadadhar Singh built a temple in this hill which was dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897 and later renovated by local people. Now  It becomes one of the best tourist and religious places in Assam. Apart from Shiva, you can find some other sculptures of Ganesha, Vishnu, Surya and Parvati in this temple

Tourist Place Umananda

Umananda is considered one of the five principal pilgrim centers of Kamrup. Many people visit Umananda temple to offer puja. Moreover, It is one of the beautiful places where people come to enjoy nature’s cradle. The most important thing is that Umananda Island is a land of Golden Langur. Golden Langurs are endangered species in India which are found only in Assam and Black Mountains of Bhutan only. So this monkey is another tourist attraction of Umananda Island. The temple is surrounded by a variety of known unknown trees.

As Umananda is situated in the midst of Brahmaputra; ferries and boats are the only vehicles to visit the island.  It takes 10 minutes to reach Umananda from the Guwahati city. Ferries are available from 7 am till 5 pm. They charge Rs20 per person. And even, you can hire the entire ferry that charges Rs300/400.

Mahashiva Ratri is celebrated with great fanfare in Umananda temple.

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